Delivery & Return Conditions

Delivery Conditions

1. The delivery conditions of the products that require physical delivery from the products sold in our store are as follows;

a) Products sold in the Welcome Package category will be delivered as a package to the address specified by the buyer during the purchase, on the date specified by the buyer.

b) Delivery time will be between 08:00 and 20:00 depending on local.

c) If the buyer will be staying in a hotel, the delivery can be delivered to one of the receptionists or managers working at the hotel. (It will facilitate the delivery process if the buyer informs the hotel in advance.)

d) If the Buyer will stay in an Airbnb or Apartment; The buyer is required to specify the time by contacting us before the delivery day. Hand delivery will be made to the buyer at the specified time.

e) Buyer will stay on an Airbnb; If the contact number of the airbnb host is provided, it can be delivered to the host on the date specified by the buyer at the time of purchase.

2. Delivery conditions for services purchased by the Buyer;

a) If there is a pick-up or drop-off in the content of the tours, events or organizations that the buyer will benefit from -Welcomeist will send this via e-mail or telephone before the event day-the purchase is made at the address specified when the purchase is made.

b) If the seller cannot use his own service vehicles due to certain conditions; Buyer can be transported by taxi or private vehicles, provided that they cover the fee.

c) If there is no pick-up or drop-off service included, the seller has no responsibility for delivery.

Return Conditions

1. Return conditions of products and services in our store;

a) If the delivered product has a problem caused by the seller (non-working sim card, non-working museum card, missing product), return costs are borne by the seller.

b) The seller may request that the product to be returned be shipped by the buyer. In this case, the seller will bear the shipping cost.

c) The seller may request the return or destruction of the e-mails and tickets sent to the buyer for the canceled services.

The buyer needs to fill out the return form on our website in order to carry out the return process.